Storage- and backup solutions

Our fail-safe storage solutions with integrated protection ensure the security of your data by combining block and file storage

Unified Storage

The enterprise storage systems based on open source meet the highest requirements for capacity and availability. TrueNAS unifies storage access and stores up to 20 PB in a rack. As hybrid systems, they offer high capacity. In the case of all-flash arrays, speed and low latency are the focus.

TrueNAS is a unified storage for object, block or file storage and supports SMB, AFP or NFS, S3 object storage as well as iSCSI and Fibre Channel.

TrueNAS ENTERPRISE consists of optimally coordinated software and hardware. TrueNAS CORE and SCALE are pure software solutions. Of course, we are also happy to design these variants with suitable hardware or the necessary cloud resources for you.

Backup and Desaster Recovery

We design your systems to meet every disaster recovery goal (RPO/RTO).

TrueNAS is based on OpenZFS. Create unlimited point-in-time snapshots for complete rollback and targeted access to previous file versions. Built-in self-healing mechanisms prevent damage to virtual machines due to a cyber attack or user error.

Secure clients, cloud accounts, servers and virtualization environments in a single TrueNAS repository. The agentless Asigra Cloud Backup technology with global deduplication and advanced ransomware protection is easy to deploy and already integrated into TrueNAS

Automate backups and archiving with ZFS replication based on regular snapshots. Data sets can also be shared with another TrueNAS with scheduled synchronisation and replication. The remote system can be quickly converted to an active system in the event of a disaster.

Don’t have a second data center for backup? TrueNAS includes the necessary tools to back up your data to public or private clouds such as Amazon S3, Azure, Backblaze B2, Box and Google Cloud Storage.


Each TrueNAS ENTERPRISE is a combination of hardware and software. All important components are designed redundantly. RAID and the self-healing file system prevent the loss of valuable data.

All TrueNAS ENTERPRISE systems are optimised for maximum availability and long runtime. The modular design of the systems even allows for uninterrupted upgrades to higher-quality controllers

Data protection and privacy

File system encryption and self-encrypting drives protect your valuable data.

Data cleansing and integrity checks protect stored data from corruption. Role-based access control (RBAC) provides additional security and ensures compliance. Unlimited snapshots make it easy to travel back in time. This makes it easy to undo the effects of a ransomware attack in no time.

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