IT Consulting

Our competent IT consultants plan future-proof IT services together with you and support you in their implementation.

Data management

Data is a valuable asset in any company. One of the biggest challenges is to have quick access to data regardless of its location and storage medium. Data is increasingly being processed in distributed teams, and data protection must not be compromised. Additionally, the integrity of the data must be maintained at all times.

Together with you, we design solutions for efficient management and secure exchange of enterprise data. Our solutions are based on fully redundant systems, a self-healing file system, and comprehensive protection against file compromise. Modern collaboration tools ensure barrier-free and secure cooperation.

IT-Infrastructure and Networking

IT infrastructure is critical to businesses. If the IT infrastructure does not fit the business processes, not only valuable time is lost, but it also poses a security risk. Employees quickly become dissatisfied when they lack the right tools or do not have access to all important data quickly enough. Mega-trends such as distributed work, increasingly complex supplier relationships, and rapidly changing threat landscapes require the use of the latest technology.

Our network solutions provide connectivity in the data center, on campus, or at locations around the world. We plan the complete network infrastructure including routers, switches, WiFi access points (including WiFi 6e), software clients, and VoIP devices.

With an excellent feature set, our solutions provide top-notch performance and optimal utilisation of available bandwidth.

We plan a sensible approach together with you and carefully select all components for a stable, secure, and highly available IT infrastructure. We never lose sight of the essentials – and your budget. We tailor all our concepts individually to your requirements.”